Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A sky full of sky

A sky full of young ones. Baby Orioles. Baby barn swallows – in feeding frenzy. Baby Violet Green swallows – who took wing and fluttered about carelessly, amazingly. A sky full of Brewer’s Blackbirds who settle down in thousands on one big patch of land across 33rd. A sky full of rainbows, double. A sky full of stories from the past told in shapes of clouds. A sky reflected down in a pond where we saw an Otter! Or that’s what we thought and then furiously searched the internet. To figure that while the very endangered Otter has been spotted around town, this was probably his cousin – the mink. He’s cute. Or she’s cute. A sky full of swallows. A sky full of clouds. A sky full of sky.

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