Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Indian Childhood Policy

Indian Childhood Policy: From the home to the bus, from the bus to the class and back to home for the homework, tuition, exams and repeat.
Fattened on this efficient feed, children will grow up for the corporate slaughter. Engineers and MBAs. That’s what we need. Questioning, curiosity is a disease that will stay away from our society. We will produce the high economic products, made in India, serving the world. There is no other way anyway. Free range is a luxury we can’t afford, for we have destroyed our forests and trees and open spaces. Childhood is an infection that must stay away.
(My latest comic with the very talented Garima Gupta published 17 April, 2013 in Mint) High res here: http://mantaraycomics.com/images/stories/TSP/087_high_website.jpg

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