Monday, 11 July 2011


They tried to teach me economics, but I failed. I did not learn to value money and I did not learn to understand free market and demand and supply. I did not even manage to scrape through the exam. For my eyes always looked out of the window to see the swallows fly by. And I used to wonder, what could they probably sell in the malls that was as amazing as the flight of the swallow. Economics had no chapter on nature, and I did not understand why it should be so. What about the economics of happiness. But that was then, and I was naive. With two dots on a.

Years have gone by and I hardly have a bank balance. But my computer's hard drive is full of pictures of the meadows I have walked on and the mountains I have hiked. And even today I skip the shopping mall and head out to the park and spend hours trying to catch the swallow's flight in my camera. I am sure the supply and demand and all that economics is raging outside and it is damn important and there is money to be made in all that. And I sometimes picture myself sitting in the cubicle, taking home a fat pay cheque. But whenever that image comes to me, I see myself sitting there in that cubicle, looking outside the window, searching for the swallow's flight. Loser.


crypticrow said...

the others are!

(mira) said...

I have been reading your lines for quite some time. Most of them I understand, some of them are difficult for me as they don't penetrate into my head :)

This particular one I loved...from the start to the end. It's a reflection of my life too. I am a LOSER! And I love being one.

mikimbizii said...

ur an inspiration....been following your blog for more than a year I think.