Sunday, 17 April 2011

It's a lazy day.

There is that time of the year when you just don't want to do anything but. When the sun is out and about and the Vitamin D pushes you into a deep slumber. When you read quotes like, 'done is better than perfect', nod your head and say, 'yeah, right!'. No, don't get me wrong, you are inspired, but just that right now you could do with a longish nap. But then you force yourself out of this sun-opiated state, and put your pencil to use. And what do your get? Elephants. They just roll out of the pencil, making the lead move in a certain moomin-ish way. And there they are. Careless, white elephants. Slowly moving about in your notebook trying to find the blue where they can have a bit of a swim. Give up already, it's a lazy day.

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