Monday, 14 March 2011

The Guitarist, The Indian Art Market, and Monsters.

The Guitarist. Could have been ink on canvas. Any size.

Sometimes I think about the Indian 'art market'. I have seen and heard self professed art messiahs talking about this market at length. They control what goes into galleries and who holds the champagne glasses in the opening evenings. Their view is what Indian art is all about. I think of them and I bow down to their diligent efforts to define what art is, and isn't.
I, too, wanted to be an artist and hold cheap champagne consortiums in galleries. But my trouble is I am haunted by monsters who destroy my art. I will never be able to be a part of the galleries of Delhi and Mumbai. Damn you monsters.
(I finally manage to catch one destroying my art. Here is a sting video. Turn up the volume to Loud.)

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