Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Of forests and men

I often wonder about the forests I have walked through. Where the tallness of trees could be measured by how often we bend down to pick up their leaves. I think about the sound of birds that tell more stories than all the books that I have in those twenty six cartons that travel the world with me. I wonder about the edges of the forests where civilizations make their presence felt with concrete and tar. And I think of the warm sunlight that comes through the trees and gently covers the evening with its golden sheet. That's pretty much all I need to dream of big pipal and neem trees growing in the heart of malls in Gurgaon. Civil disobedience of the trees. Now that is a plot worth thinking about.


RD said...

Reminds me of Ents on the sacking of Isengard

John Doe said...

strangely reminds me of an asterix comics where the druid repopulates an abandoned city with trees by using magic seeds.