Saturday, 20 November 2010

Design Indaba India Issue

Design Indaba launched its special India issue recently. Designed by Wieden+Kennedy Delhi, it has articles by some very interesting people including Vandana Shiva writing on Food. One of the double pages on Water is written by a good friend Pradip Saha and one by me. Talking about the impending water crisis.


Anonymous said...

lovely work!

Anonymous said...

i think we're still COOL. Feeling nostalgic about something gone by; especially if it was espoused by the West is a subservient trend set by idiots at MTV. And these Admen who think wearing red converse shoes at 40 makes them 'cool'; trying to edit a design mag fall prey to such cliches.

I liked your piece but honestly only a few articles do justice to the issue but on the whole this is a sham in the name of design mag about india.