Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Dark notes from the ICU of a hospital in India

Some TV anchors
and rich doctors have been shouting
crying hoarse
about Superbugs
No, they can't exist, they scream
It's a conspiracy

Unfortunate circumstances
found me in a hospital
Praying for family
Here's what I saw and noted down:

Just outside the Neurology ICU is a room.
People say it's a walk to hell.
Mix of pee and grime and the smell wafting through for visitors.
People lying on the corridors with split heads, pee, spit.
And this is the neurology department.
People are being treated like rotten cabbage in this country.
We talk of being an economic giant. What bullshit.
Hey you, yes you prime minister, walk into any of your hospitals and read your speeches about 8% growth there.
By growth you meant hernia?
I don't want to see people's innards with flies all over them and cellphones ringing pathetic anup jalota laments
while just outside the ICU millions of people are waiting for godot. and by godot i mean shit
oh i forgot there is a routine throwing of phenyl which splatters on the patients lying on the corridors

we are a bastard nation
produced out of a clusterfuck

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blogaloorgirl said...

every government hospital is like that. callous staff and filthy environs. I have seen attendants step on burn victims lying on the hospital floor.