Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Who by fire

Who's the kid that sleeps in the ice cream van while the big shiny cars move around him like aluminum tortoises ? What does he dream of?
Who's the man in blue, sitting in a blue room, with a blue paper puncher on his table? What does he write so intently as his friend watches on?
Who's made all this delicious farsan that will end up in our homes?
Who's the man with silent determination written on his face? Where is he going?
Who are the lovely ladies and what are they contemplating? Have they given up on the dirt of the world?
Who is the little girl with so many books in her bag?
Mulgi Shikli Pragati Jhali!
Who sells all those roses that fill the morning air with their romance?
Who are those kids who live by the Tulsi Pipe Road reminding me of my own childhood?
I ask these questions every day on my way to office.
My reason for getting horribly late.
But who would not stop to look at these wonderful sights, these unfathomable portraits of India?
Who would speed their cars as if they were getting late for doomsday?
Who amongst you is so blind?


ADU said...

love love love the wordplay
happy seeing, synthesizing and 'word-a-visual'izing :)

Meanest Indian said...

ah hemant... its exactly these kinds of questions that keep me coming back!

John Doe said...

I am a sucker for melodrama and cannot help but think up stories around faces like these.

Yes, I come to work late too. And am often still caught up in the reverie when I am supposed to be working.

mentalie said...

loved the pictures you paint with your words on this post :)

Asha said...

Beautiful. I watch people too.

Something I wrote, a long while ago.


Naman Saraiya said...

As usual.