Friday, 23 April 2010

Will this shitstorm blow over?

No, it wasn’t this bad. Ever. When I look back all these years of my life, I don’t think I have seen a worse time.
A sanctuary in MP gets denotified as the Great Indian Bustard hasn’t been spotted since 1995.
An Air India plane suddenly becomes a chartered flight on the insistence of the aviation minister’s daughter. Oh, thy holiness!
The turd has risen to the top in the cricket competition. I don’t know if it is a diversion to keep the nation tuned to stink while the powers that be go about green hunting.
A proposal in Goa will let US Navy to come and relax there and seek out comfort women and comfort men. Just like they did in Philippines.
Then there is the Supreme Court orders against mining which are being read and taken as daily jokes in the newspaper. Miners are flouting all possible norms that there are to flout, flouter, floutest.
And all this in just today’s newspaper which doesn’t even report the real news anymore.
I shudder to think what could be the real news?
My head is covered, my ears are plugged, my eyes are closed but I still feel giant blobs of shit falling on my face.
Will this shitstorm blow over?

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Asha said...

Indeed. See if this helps - I read this in parallel, I have it in my Google Reader, makes me feel much better about the country -

You have a great blog, by the way! You are immensely talented and perceptive. Your blog link is in my Google Reader too :)