Friday, 9 April 2010

Those Indians

Shoots are boring. Shoots with rich urban Indian kids are boring but you have to wait for 'the moment'.
My moment arrived when the rich Indian kid shouted what are 'those Indians' doing here?
I looked and found a gang of boys on a bicycle looking at the shoot proceedings with interest. They were discussing something and after some ten hesitant minutes they came up to us and asked questions after questions.
Their curiosity was amazing. Their happiness at getting information was uplifting. Most of all their innocence was something which pierced through layers of urban city life and tugged at the soul of this small town boy.
'Those Indians'.
Is this what the rich kids in big cities refer to the rest of the country as?
Is the division on the lines of money, complete?
The producer scolded the rich Indian kid. 'Are you not an Indian?', she asked him.
His face turned red and he uttered some incoherent excuses.
In the bigger, badder world I hear these incoherent excuses turn into a cacophony of unbelievable madness.


Naman Saraiya said...

Superbly put.

bythewindowsill said...

"those Indians"??
seriously! wonder where and how the kid learnt it from??

felinedev said...

"Those Indians"

those indians touch the soil in respect and in toil...

those Indians see oscars only when put in a mask, but for most, you just have to go to a video store and ask...

those indians are our future that we let rot, those indians are the smiles we forgot...