Friday, 8 January 2010

To hell with the world?

Over the years one has noticed the explosion of the ‘me generation’ in India. It was forced down our collective throats, this giant screwball of selfishness.

They used to sell jeans and stuff earlier. Then deodorants. Then cars. And now it just doesn’t make sense any more. Everything is about the ‘me’.


So, I don’t care if ‘my’ house is sorted. ‘My’ car is sorted. ‘My’ job is sorted. To hell with the world.

Until exactly that happens. The world becomes a living hell.

You spend hours commuting in bumper to bumper traffic jams. Breathe in a rich mix of noxious fumes. Have small dustbowls of what used to be parks. Open sewers. So much garbage that you don’t see it anymore. A stench that would shake the mortality out of ordinary souls. But you are not ordinary. You are the ‘me’ generation. You said, ‘to hell with the world!’

But a question comes to mind. What if?

What if it we talked not about ‘me’, but ‘us’?

What if we said, I am a part of We.

What if we said, “We need cleaner air!”? That would have taken out all those stupid air conditioner ads that promise ‘healthy’ environments and shoved them up the marketers asses. That would have meant, we need more trees, more parks, less traffic, better public transport, better amenities.

But we don’t think of us as ‘we’.

It’s about me and to hell with the world.

Well, don’t complain then. You asked for it.


garima said...

"So much garbage that you don’t see it anymore."

Naman Saraiya said...

Ditto about the descriptions.

mentalie said...

actually the 'me' that says 'to hell with the world' has been characteristic of urban india for a long time. which is why we chuck garbage just outside our front doors, use our public spaces as urinals, spit in our building stairways...etc etc etc. it's difficult to make a case for india ever having any civic sense in recent history. sadly, i don't think we get it.

Anonymous said...

i must appreciate that "You asked for it" is so very very true .... yes "WE" asked for it....if you have noticed most of us say its me and only me and to hell with the world but all of are basically asking for the same thing all the time wat really differentiates me from them?

D said...

It will take a whole lotta self-destruction to change ME into WE.