Thursday, 17 December 2009

Old files

And so one day I come back. From my travels and carrying numerous tales to be told to I don't know who.
And I start looking around the familiar landscapes with unfamiliarity. Till I come to my old city. Not knowing what to say to people, I spend much time with birds and watch them go about fighting and foraging and it evokes a deep rooted memory inside me. As a child I used to spend hot summer afternoons just watching sparrows in my old house.
I am pleasantly suprised to see sparrows again. They have come back from the dead and slowly, they make their way into the politics of mynahs and robins and bulbuls.
After a morning well spent with the birds, I sit in front of the old computer where it all began. I rummage through my old files and find this little man pointing his hand down to something. It was almost four years ago when he appeared. Just like that. His hand pointing to something written. I read it and smile.
It's good to be back.


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Anonymous said...

Is a 2010 calendar coming up....
- the window siller

A said...

Welcome to Burnett, Hemant.
From knowing you only through blogging. Now will see you in person here.