Thursday, 31 December 2009

A collaboration with the legendary Indra Sinha

'Call me Indra', he says.
Well, sir, it is impossible for me to call you anything but 'sir'.
For ten years I have, like all the people in my profession, read every word written by you. I have felt the words shake me out of sleep. I have read and re-read copy written by you and felt good about being in this profession. And it gets harder by the day.
I have felt ashamed and angry and useless and motivated reading your words on Bhopal's plight.
So, it is indeed an honour to have worked with you on this. I hope it gets read.
Specially by those who pretend not to see.

Copy: Indra Sinha, Hemant Anant Jain
Art and illustration: Hemant Anant Jain


Anonymous said...

this is such good work.
- the window siller. :)

Javier said...

what a fantastic collaboration, my friend.
hello and happy new year from snowy london.