Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pale Blue Dot

In memory of Carl Sagan

I wonder if we didn’t do anything about climate change. Didn’t control pollution. Didn’t lessen our dependency on fossil fuels. Didn’t find a sustainable way of living. Didn’t oppose monopoly of companies over seed. Didn’t stop forests from being destroyed. Didn’t protect ecological fragile areas. Didn’t protect birds and animals from extinction. Didn’t object to battery farming. Didn’t question coal companies. Didn’t spend any money on alternate energies. Didn’t stop plastic pollution.
I wonder what kind of a world would that be?
I wonder what kind of people would want a world like that?
I wonder if there is a difference between those people and the people who are so mired in consumerism that they just don’t care.
They just don’t care about people’s rights being taken away. About genocides happening right under their noses. About mining companies destroying tribal lands and fragile ecological areas in the name of development.
They just care about their cars, their houses, their jobs, their money. And in some cases, their part of the globe.
Is it really so difficult to see all is not right with the world we have created for ourselves?
Is it so difficult to do things in a smarter, simpler way?
And I don’t have to go looking far for answers. I see a world dependant on fossil fuels. Wars being fought over oil. Genocides to take control over the resources. Religious fires being ignited. I look and I lower my head with shame.
We could have done better.


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