Sunday, 15 November 2009

Civl disobedience, plastic bags and all the things that I thought of this week.

I hope we have grown up to become much more disobedient because life on this world of ours may well be terminated because of too many acts of obedience. - John Jordan

My mind is a battlefield right now. When I read John's quote, a million thoughts sparked off in my head. He is so damn right. And as I try to keep track and eventually nail some of the thoughts that run furiously through my head, I will put them here. More about the crazy cycles later this week. As for the plastic bags, I wondered if we can't even agree as a world on banning them, how can we even think of achieving a binding climate deal?

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bythewindowsill said...

So true... we have not been able to ban plastic yet. it is so difficult to wean my family also away from plastic... but I am doing it and so are friends... just that I feel our progress is too slow. :(
- the window siller