Thursday, 22 October 2009

That tree

Somewhere in the Lake District there is this tree. On an autumn evening it stands like the ghost of William Wordsworth who may have walked by it sometime. My eyes look for a sign of the Macbeth witches hanging on the branches. I cannot find them but their presence is strong.
You may come upon this tree someday. If you do and if you possess keener eyes than me, let me know if you could see the witches.
On the other hand, it would be perfectly ok to miss this one, and arrive upon some other remarkable tree in this beautiful stretch of land that even the best poets of the time could not quite completely map.
And that's one of the things to do before you die. Walk the Lake District.


Bhavani Prakash said...

I have walked the Lake District a long time ago....stepped inside Wordsworth's quaint little cottege, and imagined the daffodils. Lovely place! Have never seen witches in trees..probably don't know how to look. Imagined fairies as a child, and now as a grown up, I know there are some kind spirits watching me when I pass them by.

bythewindowsill said...

nice pic... lake district, england...?
and I must say, am a keen reader of your blog. cheers, amazing work.
the window siller

Munna on the run said...

Yes, Lake District in England.
Perhaps one of the most beautful places I have seen.

Khushbu H Desai said...

Nice pic.. nice place..

I am no where close to being good at photography but I am little curious about the way you have shot this image.. Any special considerations?

Munna on the run said...

No, not really.
It was evening and I used a fisheye lens to get the whole tree.
No flash.
Exposure 1/60 I think.
ISO 400.
Not a photographer myself at all.
Just get lucky sometimes.