Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Feeling a bit, well, you get the picture.

Someone asked me, 'so what's with the full time activism?'
My head exploded.
So I had to keep quiet. A few days have passed and I have managed to calm down to write about it. What happened was, when that question was asked to me, my mind countered with questions I would ask that person. Here's one for instance.
So, what's with the full time stupidity?
Stuck in jams for 3 hours a day. Eating shit you don't know about. Forgetting basic 7th class biology. Or was it 4th class? When did they teach us of the ecological cycle?
Going to malls and not complaining about the parks and nature reserves being destroyed.
You get the drift.
What is it that made you ask me the question?
I choose not to be indifferent. I choose to take a stand about the world I live in. You call it activism? Well, stuff it then. Go and play farmville for hours and not think about the Genetically Modified food that will be grown and eaten in this country.
Yes, it will be. Because the only question people seem to ask is, 'what's with the full time activism?' and not - why the fuck do we need GM Food?
Why indeed?
Right. At the point, you shall click here, anywhere on this entire line, and spend a very good ten minutes of your life getting to know the answer of not the full time activism bit, but to the question: What's with the full time stupidity?
Go on, you know you want to.


Ainara said...


bythewindowsill said...

brilliant, I love the activism and enthusiasm.
I feel something akin when my dad says electric cars are not practical... when taps are left to leak all over a droughty city, when there are talks and talks and talks about who will cut how much carbon and when..!
sigh... glad to know you are able to do your bit. the million dollar question though is: how do you manage it??
lesser people like me could do with some tips.
the window siller :-)

Jugular Bean said...

hahaha! Are you sure you calmed down before you wrote this post? :D

Munna on the run said...

@the window siller
What tips could I give you. I am a nobody.
All I can say is:
1. ask the right questions. find answers and spread awareness.
for example: What is the problem with GM Food?
And the answers will lead you to the big money involved.
Applies for everything.

You have a nice blog. You write well. Use that talent to spread awareness.

2. I love Gandhi and his rule - be the change you want to see.
Be an example for others to follow. If you recycle, make sure others know about it. And also how to do it themselves.

What I feel is, if each one us can convince at least 20 people to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we would have gone a long way.

Most importantly, use google. Use the internet. Use sites like treehugger for inspiration.

Munna on the run said...

And hyes, most importantly, if you see something wrong, protest.
In this case, write to the PM, and the environment minister about GM Food.
A civil and democratic dissent works best if enough people do it.
They had to postpone the decision on Bt Brinjal because Greenpeace and others got people to write to the minsiter.
People's voices are a powrful tool.
Make sure you make yours heard.

Smudged Kohl said...

This is what they do. They decide that our lungs don't deserve fresh air, the decree that we can do without water. That the only time we need soil is when our fatigued, diseased bodies are lowered into it.
Why is no one angrier?

bythewindowsill said...

thanks for those words. I need to work harder for the environment, make that my future.
thanks for the encouragement. :)
- the window siller