Sunday, 16 August 2009

Nostradamus, Goregaon East, Mumbai

At the last traffic signal before taking the turn home in Mumbai
Is the best signboard I ever saw in my life
I thought it was an accident
But it turned out to be prophetic
Will always be a reminder that invading people’s souls isn’t the best way to earn a living
Could be applied to businesses who make little else but money
Politicians who can be called by another shorter word, ‘touts’
Industrialists who think progress and human rights are exclusive to each other
And amongst the many others, advertising professionals who think advertising will change the world.
The last one, especially.


bhumika said...

:) this is brilliant

Medieval Or Modern said...

Swell one!! Had me grinning.

Sameer said...

kind reminder!

Varun said...

As they say in Mumbai - 'Tension lene ka nahin, dene ka'. :-)