Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The chough

An alpine chough watches out for a morsel, hopeful
There’s music, jangle of money, tourists, lovers
When no one seems to care, it shuffles on its feet
Spreads its wings and flies away
I watch the dark shadow, swoop
Gently, elegantly
And I wonder if the chough’s life isn’t better in this snowy wasteland
Than us, who will return to the city
Of arrogance and art and of unknighted egos
Did I see the chough’s eyes sparkle with pity
Or was it just my conceited imagination?


Sameer said...

how true,
the eyes of the chough portray,
sitting low,
it views us from a distance,
far better,
than us,
not even knowing,
where we are....

spiritchild said...

the " alpine chough " appears;
in you.
no speration...
best regards