Thursday, 9 April 2009

The revenge of the bored

Back in the days, the last pages of my school notebooks used to be filled with all kinds of doodles and writings. There were film scripts, weird thoughts, album names from a band line-up that was totally fictional. It even had song titles with the minutes written on them. All that was done when the teacher was trying to explain moral science. The most trite subject ever.
Things haven't changed. I am much older now. And I sit in hours long meetings. And I am still making strange doodles to escape the dull monotony of someone explain me the virtues of crappy and utterly disgusting products.
One day, I am going to sell these things and earn money out of it. That will be my revenge on all the bullshit I have had to hear for so many years.


bhumika said...

:) i remember during internal marking they would always check the last pages of the notebook.

would have been nice if you'd posted a bigger pic...unable to read anything!

selling this stuff would be such a 'muh-tod jawaab' to those meetings..

Retard said...

ha! I could totally relate to this stuff..with shit scribbled all over the notebook..only i wasnt so creative..

just stumbled over ur blog..guess will b a good read..