Sunday, 5 April 2009


(Pictures: Anvita Lakhera. For a complete set, click here)

The raven patrols his nest and drives away the pigeons. The swan is busy marking territory. The coots are fighting as ever. The blue tits have found a birdhouse where they will hatch their young ones. The chaffinches sing beautiful tunes. The robins hop and skip, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a sunny day or a cloudy day, cold or a warm day, life outside my window is beautiful as ever. I shut down my computer, drag myself away from the internet to catch a fleeting glimpse of a world we have abandoned for carbon.
And just when I wonder if it was worth it, a duck swims by with its nine little ducklings. People stop in their tracks, mesmerized, to watch the duck and its young ones come out of the water and cross the road.
Even expensive shops with their fantastic displays don’t get that kind of adulation.
I have a feeling we’ve been shortchanged and hoodwinked into believing that malls are all we need to feel good and ‘developed’ and first worldian.
Maybe we should reclaim our parks and trees while there is still time.
A Coke and a burger shop in a mall is no patch on the duck family.

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Ainara said...

so friggin true.