Sunday, 8 February 2009

Visualizing Bullshit

This drawing: Mixed media and bullshit on paper. From the series, 'Visualizing Bullshit'.

If I had the authority, I would have ordered a scientific inquiry into meetings that last 4+ hours. I am convinced that everything degenerates after 20 minutes. Here is a sample from my overloaded brain: We take photographs to preserve memories. Said at the 245th minute of a meeting.
Bring on the neurosurgeons, my head is splitting with silent, painful laughter at this amazing revelation.


B Singh said...

how else do you survive ultra-pakao 'meetings'? i remember one where we were discussing a concept for a music-video. two hours into the thing someone mentioned how we could have a bird that turns to stone to 'contemplate the rockness'...?! and then our director blew his brains out. i have similar pages from that day...only more bloody.

Deepak Singh Dogra said...

the degeneration happens at 18.5643 minutes.

Ainara said...

If this is the kind of "bullshit" you come up with when your brain overloads... you should overload more often... I really love it.

But yeah 4+ hour meetings are not meetings, are torture.

bhumika said...

couldn't agree more on the 20+ calculation. Meetings are the official excuse to waste time.