Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Those malls

And while on the topic, here is a brilliant little film, a friend made. And click here and here to access the links given in the comment below. Amazing stories those.

One Day from Jay Sav on Vimeo.


Anvita Lakhera said...

Maybe we all should follow Adriana Yoto's example and move into the nearest Mall.

Anonymous said...

So true. Malls fool the public with their "perfection". I guess it is like a typical Bollywood film.
Agreed, we should all follow in Adriana Yoto's footsteps.

Chandan said...

Interesting short film there. Throws the jarring income disparities that exist between classes in the country right into your face. The Guy with three straws in his drink right in the end is a clever touch... Indians are consuming a lot all of a sudden, but is the country prepared to handle the environmental fall out?