Saturday, 28 February 2009

Questions and reflections from my hairdresser

Went for the usual haircut.
Or a cheap London haircut.
£12 including a head massage
and these insightful words
and questions:

Do you go clubbing?
Working as a security guard?
From India?
Why do we keep fighting?
Look at Southall.
We live as brothers there.
I go clubbing. I need it as a release.

What is the problem with Aaj tak?
It is still after us Pakistanis
Waise, this NDTV Imagine is crap
Look how it is troubling these film stars.

Hindi films are great, dramas are shit.
Saas is hounding bahus all the time.

When I went home I took 2000 pounds
I was treated like a king.
My money ran out
And so did my friends

Do you go clubbing?

We can’t have war.
We both are nuclear.
It will be a war of buttons.

Abhay Deol does good films.
Shah Rukh is over.
Oye Lucky was funny.
This Shahid Kapoor is too immature.

Do you go clubbing?

Why don't you spike your hair?

London huh! We have at least four seasons in our mulk.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't change much there does it?

Chandan said...

So do you go clubbing?

janeine said...

hows the haircut looking???

Bjornik said...

thanks for dropping by my blog again. did you give him a tip?:)

Munna on the run said...

No I don't go clubbing, but when I see clubbers I think there go all the hairdressers.
Bad haircut. He wanted to spike my hair and I narrowly escaped.
So, no tip this time. Ha!