Sunday, 1 February 2009

And dark is the night for all

It doesn't really matter
if you don't care
about the sparrows
or if you haven't seen
them around
like you used to
even a few years ago
It doesn't really matter
If you do not know
the sparrows die when cities die
when the air corrodes
a little more
It doesn't really matter
if you want to wish away
the last chance
the last light of hope
for dark is the night for all

But in the morning if you wake up with your senses, and the dark, selfish dream is over, sprinkle some grain for the sparrows. Some rice. Some jowar. Small pieces of roti that you would have thrown otherwise. And bring back your city to life.
Oh and if you are wondering how to keep the pigeons from eating the food for sparrows, look here. I found this rather interesting.


Ainara said...

This is really different.
I really liket it.


megha puNAter" said...

vry nice post munna,you have such a love for animals.hats off to you.

Sameer said...

your your heart..
i bleed too..

ahem..some tips on how i can help?

heard something bout making a bird feeder at home..but what do i do so that only the sparrows eat it?

Munna on the run said...

Here is a link I found:
I think this would keep the pigeons away.
Mr. Dilawar is an interesting guy. I saw an article about him in Time heroes of the environment issue.
If you clik on the little sparrow on the side bar, it will take you to the article.

Sameer said...


any to make them at home?or some dealer near delhi?

Munna on the run said...

I think it's fairly easy to make some. If you look at bird feeders on the net you will get some intersting models. It would cost u nothing to replicate them with a wire mesh.
Some of it here:
But you can do many other things if say you have a terrace. One would be to go to a lohar and get a sort of a protective cage like structure (for the lack of a better word) made. this should have wide enough spaces between the bars like 3 to 3.5 inches between each bar for the sparrows and other small birds to get in and out easily. But not wide enough for the fat pigeon to get in. You can keep plates of food inside that. And remember to keep water. They need lots of water in summers.

Anonymous said...

the last time i was in India, two years ago, my biggest compliant was the sparrows! They would start chirping at 4am (which is middle of the night for me) outside my bedroom window. i wanted to get a shotgun and scare the heck out of them!
your post gives me a new prespective. maybe i wont have thoughts of frying and eating them, if they are still around this time ; )

Vineeta said...

If no one has told you you are amazing today. Let me do the honours :) I clicked on that link & man! :) this world has its share of beautiful people. So thanx :)