Sunday, 11 January 2009

That one, bright moment of truth

And in that one moment all the painful years of playing with water colours in school flash past. The horrible flowers that had to be coloured, the endless vases that had to be made, the brushes which were utterly destroyed and the drawings exam where it all came to naught. After all these years I wonder why I even bother.


Anonymous said...

spirit requires an outlet, a way, a means, to express that which at it´s hearts core, spirit stands for...
kind regards

yup.nope.whatever said...

"It is not about which artist is more skilled than which other artist. It is about creating what is in you to create. A lack of confidence in oneself is like a thief, It steals from the world that which might be worthy."
* Audette, Derek R.

don't lose heart.