Wednesday, 17 December 2008

2009. The year of individual action.

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Sunita Narain thunders in her latest editorial: "We need leaders who will not allow panic and blackmail to rule. We don’t need corporate welfare. We need welfare for people and for the planet". True words. Coming at a time when big climate deals are being forged with shocking apathy and lack of concern for the real issues.
This year planner comes with the latest issue of Down to Earth.
With the title - the year of individual action, the planner / calendar takes a look at some of the things we as individuals can do. Some powerful facts in there. Take a look.
And if you like the planner, get yourself a copy of the December issue of Down to Earth.


Vineeta said...

This is neat! What is so superb is that it will be in our faces for all of this year. I'm about to figure out how to get my copy.

Ainara said...

I love all the little drawings.
Those frogs chilling on top are awesome.

janeine said...

How can i get myself that planner??
Truly enjoy what you do with your space. Hope to catch up with u wen u come to India.

Savia Jane Pinto

Munna on the run said...

Hi Savia
Thanks for writing. You can get the latest issue of Down to Earth from the newsstands in Delhi. It's in there.
And yeah sure thing. We will catch up next time when I'm in town.

Anonymous said...

what a smart SMART SMART blog.


Sameer said...

i am getting selfish for that planner...still sticking the 2006 planner in my room.

Which edition(december 15,december 30 orjan 15 or jan 30) will i get the planner??

hehe..nice way to force me to renew my subscription..:)

Munna on the run said...

Hi Sameer
The latest one that's out has the planner. It's already out at the newsstands.

Anonymous said...

have been looking into your blog lately a lot and in way i am quite touched by your entrys.
i wish there where more humans like you out there !!!
kindest regards

Munna on the run said...

Hello Spiritchild!
Thank you for your kind comment. I wish you a wonderful year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hemant, Thank you for the exchange of calendars. You were the first post to the blog! I will get your calendar printed out for display this week. Have a tremendous 2009.