Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mumbai. 26th November, 2008

And now we will watch our spineless leaders whine and speak shit on television like they have got a 'foreign hand' right up their a$$es. And soon enough, there will be talk of the 'Mumbai Spirit' and all will be forgotten. We are so fucking tired of this nonsense.
Here is what our adorable home minister Patil had to say. And here are the carnage pictures from flickr.


Ainara said...

He's really happy that not many foreigners died??!!! Who says that?! If someone had said anything like that after the bombings in NY, London or Madrid... we would all be asking for his head. Who cares about nationality when you're dead?

All this just makes me sad and angry.

B Singh said...

What makes me angry is the not the 'rote rhetoric' of our political leaders and newswallahs - 'dastardly act', strict anti-terror laws etc. etc., but how no one, not even the over-zealous press has pressed for answers to the question - Why? What were these men after.

mekie said...