Thursday, 25 September 2008

What model of economics is this?

This is pretty much the template for development in the new super India. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Up next, there's 1620.361 ha of discontent brewing. And for good reason.


Munna on the run said...

Here's what my bro Rajesh had to say:

I also like to think of it in terms of the American model. Add a home equity line to your mortgage and take cash out. Skip with the cash. By the time your grandkids realize what they owe, you're dead or across the seas.

Apply that to the environment and climate change. Apply that to the bankruptcy of public finance, yet bail out of the perpetrators at taxpayer expense, expenditure on mass murder and destruction, but no expenditure on basic human needs.

Build a cheap car and sell lots of them. who cares if people don't have the money to buy fuel, or the money to clean up the pollution. Grandkids will pay.

Anonymous said...

Well said Rajesh.

B said...

what an idea sirji! great blog!