Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Veg Roly Poly: Just what we need for a revolution.

I have been wondering why we never protest. Nothing makes us unhappy. Forget poverty, forget inflation, forget that the country is heading towards chaos, forget that everything than can go wrong in the country, is. Forget that the politicians have actually taken time and effort to piss over our collective selves very recently. We are not going to protest. Or so I thought. Until, on my carbon emitting internet journeys I stumbled across a very angry Indian. Reproduced here is the fiery complaint she lodged at a site dedicated to complaints. I have taken off the name of the airline to avoid any action against myself. I, like all the other countrymen, am happy in my little frog well of no protest.


Ainara said...

I feel whiny and mean when I complain.

Vineeta said...

This is kickass :) I began by reading your take on a very real issue & went to the illustration & read the 'roly poly' bit. We are crazy :) Indians i mean

Munna on the run said...

Oh yes. We are crazy. Only if we stopped taking ourselves so seriously.